SHADES OF GREY BY MICAH COHEN now delivers on the rarest of combinations – exclusivity, quality and affordability.

By no longer selling to other retailers and only selling directly to you, the consumer, we have been able to dramatically lower our prices.  And because of our unique relationship with a small family-run factory in Nantong, China, we are able to produce high quality clothing in very limited numbers.     

I started SHADES OF GREY BY MICAH COHEN in 2009 to offer consumers progressive, yet wearable, clothing at accessible prices.  While I aspired to remain as close to the product as possible, the demands of working with large retailers in order to grow the brand took me away from my original goals.

In recent years, direct-to-consumer brands have paved the way for a more efficient, customer-focused model.  These inroads have inspired me to rethink my business practices and steer SHADES OF GREY BY MICAH COHEN back toward its initial mission.   

By only selling direct-to-the-consumer, we can produce smaller collections in limited quantities, allowing us to focus on you, our customers, rather than the demands of big-box retailers. And because how we make it is just as important as why, we’ve partnered with a factory which specializes in high-quality small-production runs, leading to higher-than-average wages.  Jenny, my wife and the women’s collection designer, and I frequently travel to Nantong to spend time at the factory to review the work and get to know the staff.

I believe we all want things that reflect who we are and what we value.  I believe we all want things we can connect with, not just in their aesthetics, but in how they came to be.   Jenny and I put a lot of thought into what we create and we care deeply about how it’s made.  And we strive to give our customers something of lasting value.  

Exclusive.  Affordable.  Well-Made.  This is the all-new SHADES OF GREY BY MICAH COHEN.

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